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Your Smile Matters 7/8/18
July 15, 2018 01:12 PM PDT

Guest: Dr. Mark Williamson, D.D.S.
Subject: 1) Introduction of Dr. Williamson as my associate dentist.
2) His scholastic records honors, and awards.
3) His observation of the difference between dental.
-His residency program and now private practice.
4) Caller wanted to know about safe dental materials used in the oral cavity.
5) Caller wanted to know if we did I.V. sedation, because of his high fear of dental treatment.

Your Smile Matters 7/1/18
July 01, 2018 03:18 PM PDT

Guest: Dr. Mark Williamson, DDS
Subject: 1) Introduction of Dr. Mark Williamson, DDS, my new associate dentist at Dr. Staffel and Associates.
2) Going over his achievements.
3) Caller wanted information on frequency of cleaning of teeth.
4) Caller was thanking me for special care of her mother.

Your Smile Matters 6/24/18
July 01, 2018 03:13 PM PDT

No guest - Subject: 1) Patient called in who had heat and cold sensation with a root canal treated tooth.
2) Announcing my new dental associate, Dr. Mark Williamson, DDS.
3) Discussion of the great value of silvercillin, by Designs for Health.
4) Discussion of cosmetic dentistry.
5) Discussion of dental health and cancer treatment for head and neck cancer.

Your Smile Matters 6/17/18
June 17, 2018 03:11 PM PDT

No guest - Subject: 1) Introduction of my new associate, Dr. Mark Williamson DDS, and all his wonderful qualifications.
2) Review of Lo Loz, the new safe decay preventative, made of licorice root extract.
3) Review of Endomune Probiotic and Endomune Prebiotic, for bacterial control and health.
4) Review of sleep disordered breathing and simple solutions including changing swallowing patterns.
5) Some health issues from sleep disordered breathing.

Your Smile Matters 6/10/18
June 10, 2018 03:07 PM PDT

No guest - Subject: 1) Caller wanted information about implants, and immediate tooth placement.
2) Review of probiotic Endomune, and Endomune metabolic rescue, and their great value to digestive health.
3) Our mission at Dr. Staffel and Associates is to preserve your teeth in a healthy state for 80+ years.
4) Reviewing great decay preventive value of LoLoz.
5) Reviewing the great value of silver diamine fluoride for stopping decay.
6) Brief discussion of the bacterial nightmare of antibiotic resistance.

Your Smile Matters 5/27/18
May 29, 2018 03:43 PM PDT

No guest - Subject: 1) Presented data about prebiotics and probiotics, and how important they are to your health.
2) Caller wanted information on long growth in her lower jaw.
3) Caller was interested in Dr. Gundry's M.D., and his statements on lectin.

Your Smile Matters 5/20/18
May 20, 2018 02:59 PM PDT

No guest - Subject: 1) New associate starting July 2nd.
2) Caller wanted information on his eleven year old daughter, and her genetically missing front teeth.
3) Caller wanted information on a failing root canal.
4) Beginning information on 4 books about the aging brain.

Your Smile Matters 5/13/18
May 20, 2018 01:50 PM PDT

No guest - Subject: 1) Cardiologists talking about importance of good health.
2) Announcement of my new dental associate, Dr. Mark Williamson.
3) The value of a natural tooth.
4) What is happening in the dental prevention field.

Your Smile Matters 4/29/18
May 20, 2018 01:40 PM PDT

No guest - Subject: 1) Mentioned about Bacteriophage, and its value to fight infection.
2) Diabetes and dialysis centers information, and what an arm of dialysis patient looks like.
3) New dental prevention materials, especially focused on Lo Loz.

Your Smile Matters 4/22/18
May 20, 2018 01:20 PM PDT

No guest - Subject: 1) Discussion of prevention of dental decay.
a) SDF: A material you wipe on decay that stops decay.
b) ICON resin infusion that stops decay in areas that the decay has not penetrated through the enamel.
c) Lo Loz candy made from liquorice root, and stevia, that stops the decay causing bacteria Strep Mutans.

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